Misconceptions About The Real Benefits of Detoxing

There are a lot of misconceptions about the real benefits of detoxing, so let me take a moment to clarify… First of all, detoxing is NOT about losing weight in the short term. You do typically lose some weight during a cleanse, but detoxing is about giving your body the opportunity to lose weight sustainably […]

An assortment of herbs

Drugs vs herbs

[sdf_hero][sdf_col width=”1/1″][sdf_text_block]Herbs vs. Drugs: Get the Facts About Medicine One appears safe but is clinically unproven. The other is closely regulated not always safe. Get as many facts about medicine as you can before you decide between herbs vs. drugs. By Lynn Keiley & Stephanie Bloyd December 2006/January 2007 inShare[/sdf_text_block]The Sustainable Herbs Project is a […]